Congratulations to Tubbercurry Chamber of Commerce on the launch of REDZ programme

Congratulations to president of Tubbercurry Chamber Louise Kilbane and all involved, we wish you continued success. Best of luck with the new An Chroi South Sligo Enterprise Centre, which was launched by Minister Humphreys on Friday 24th June also. I am delighted to be a member of the new South Sligo Tourism Forum, which was created from the REDZ programme.

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From Tubbercurry Chamber of Commerce:

Minister Humphreys launched the Tubbercurry REDZ programme on Friday 24th June in the newly refurbished and renamed An Chroí South Sligo Enterprise Centre, which is becoming the centre of a major fight back by the local business community to regenerate South Sligo. The programme has spent over €200k to regenerate the local community since the announcement that Tubbercurry and it hinterland was chosen for the pilot programme last September.

Minister Humphreys said ““Projects under the REDZ programme are playing an important role in energising and supporting the social, cultural and economic development of rural Ireland. The REDZ initiative aims to take a more tailored approach to planning at both a regional and local level. The significant level of local buy-in and involvement is key to the success of the REDZ programme. As we can see here today in Tubbercurry, the local authority and other stakeholders are working together under the REDZ programme to deliver the best for this town. I am delighted that such a diverse range of groups in Tubbercurry will benefit from the €200,000 in funding, not least of all An Chroí South Sligo Enterprise Centre which is supporting local business development. Indeed, the wide breadth of projects which will benefit locally from this REDZ funding is a credit to all involved and it also underlines the fact that a relatively small amount of Government funding can make a huge difference to rural communities. I certainly intend to build on the success of the REDZ programme, while also developing new streams of funding as part of my new brief to help regenerate and revitalise rural Ireland.” Read more…