New “Sligo’s Hidden Gems” brochure for 2018 tourist season

Tourism network South and West Sligo has launched a new tourism brochure “Sligo’s Hidden Gems” for the 2018 tourist season. We are delighted to be a part of this programme which promotes the rural and hidden areas of Sligo.

“Sligo’s Hidden Gems” will provide tourists, and people living in Sligo, with a wide range of activities to enjoy and attractions to visit. The brochure also features a list of events and festivals that can be enjoyed in Sligo, throughout the year. This brochure marks the start of a very exciting tourist season with every member committed to showcasing our beautiful county to visitors. Sligo is easily accessible by airport, bus and train and is an ideal base to explore the North West of Ireland.

South and West Sligo has something to suit everyone, whether it’s a family outing, a romantic getaway or an adventure holiday. Choose from surfing, seaweed baths, horse riding, rock climbing, kayaking or golfing. Admire the range of historic and mythical attractions, enjoy the fresh air on the numerous walking trails and join in the fun at the festivals.

We are proud to be one of over 40 businesses who are part of this network, and are working hard to put Sligo firmly on the tourist map where it belongs.

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