We are delighted to see a new Yeats Trail developed and launched by Sligo Walks. The Trail is a signposted touring route incorporating fourteen significant locations associated with the poet W.B. Yeats and his works. Each location contains its own art installation. The Yeats Trail website contains an interactive map where you can click on any of the icons to access information relevant to that point on the route, including the poem that is most closely connected to it.  The map includes a suggested touring route. Click here to go to the map. You can drive to all of the locations, although sections may also be cycled or walked. You can visit the locations in sequence, or visit them in any order, remembering to recite your favourite Yeats poem when you arrive!

Sligo was the second home of W.B. Yeats. It was where he and his artist brother Jack spent time, often for extended periods, and the influence of the county’s landscape, culture and folklore has permeated much of their work. The Yeats Trail gives you an opportunity to explore some of these places. W.B. Yeats was known to wander in the Sligo countryside, no doubt bringing together ideas and jotting down notes, making observations of the places that became so central to his work. When you visit these places that feature along the Trail, you can say with some justification that you are walking in the footsteps of W.B. Yeats, sharing many of the vistas that inspired him and that have remained little changed over the past century.