Ox Bindery

The Ox Bindery is set in the rural tranquility of the Ox Mountains, where participants can step away from the hustle and bustle of daily live and tiptoe back in time to recreate bindings from past periods.Entrance to the studio is free where visitors are welcome to view the studio, browse the eye catching book collection and see conservation in action.

About The Ox Bindery

Ox Bindery is owned and run by Benjamin van de Wetering and Ineke Scholte who are specialised in the art of the hand bound book. Benjamin is accredited by the ICRI – Institute of Conservator Restorers in Ireland and has worked for national and local authorities along with projects for private clients. He is trained as a hand bookbinder and conservator in books, paper and parchment. Ineke creates handbound decorative books in many shapes and sizes which can be seen on the Piggelmee website as well as being for sale on the studio.

From their secluded and tranquil studios in the Ox Mountains Benjamin and Ineke provide courses on bookbinding using traditional methods and practices. They offer four bookbinding courses from different historical periods, three suitable for beginners and one advanced. Details of their courses can be found at The Ox Bindery website.

Please contact them for more details on (071) 9181916 or by email info@oxbindery.ie